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3d animation training

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You will Create 3D Feature Films, Design games, Work in VFX and many
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Joining the Animation field means Access to the revolution of the
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Being Certified as a 3D Artist by Brinicle animation studios
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We all have to Choose wisely in our life to achieve something great,
that's why we have designed our course structure in such a way
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will is much easier to achieve that.

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3D modeling is the process of creating any surface or object by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space. You can see the results of 3D modeling in movies, animations, and video games filled with fantastical and imaginative creatures and structures.


3D animation is computer-generated objects that appear to move through three-dimensional space. In 3D animation, objects can be moved and rotated following the same principles as in real life. Computer animation makes use of 3D computer graphics to create a two-dimensional moving picture that depicts three dimensions

Texturing & Shading

3D Texturing is basically wrapping a 2D image around a 3D object and defining how light would affect it.The texturing stage of the 3D animation pipeline includes unwrapping, texture painting & shading, and rendering. Textured models will be used in the rendering phase of the 3D animation.


In its simplest form, 3D rigging is the process of creating a skeleton for a 3D model so it can move. Most commonly, characters are rigged before they are animated because if a character model doesn’t have a rig, it can’t be deformed and moved around

FX & Dynamics

Fx & Dynamics is a complex physics engine inside your 3D application. Dynamics describes how objects move using rules of physics to simulate real-world forces. You can specify the different actions you want your object to take, and the software will figure out how to animate that object in the most realistic way.Whether Fx is a technology for realistically simulating and rendering fluid motion. Fx lets you quickly create complex animation effects such as smoke, fire explosion, dust, liquid, etc.

Lighting & Rendering

3D Lighting is the collection of tools and techniques used to simulate light in a computer-generated 3D environment. Just like photography or filming, the lighting stage of the 3D animation pipeline is all about making a 3D scene or sequence visible in a specific way through setting up different sources of light. Rendering is the actual act of generating the image. In this stage, the 3D software converts the model into a high-resolution single image that can then be incorporated into a wide range of visual content.

Hair & Fur

Hair & Fur department is responsible for replicating real-world hair and fur in 3d. This department has a very artistic approach as well as technical.


Compositing is the first step in 3D animation post-production, which involves taking the render passes from the production stage, combining them together, and mixing in additional adjustments, images, or layers, to create a more cohesive composition

Course Structure

Brinicle Animation Career Course - 40 Week (BACC)

This is Brinicle Animation’s highly demanded 3d animation training Programme. In this course, we provide Fundamental training of all departments (see department column above) for 12 weeks. Then after one department Professional Training for 28 weeks. This course is for career oriented students.

Brinicle Animation Professional Course -28 Week (BAPC)

In this course, we provide professional training in any one department (see department column above). This course is for those who know the Fundamental and want to get professional training in one department . 

Brinicle Animation Fundamental course-12 weeks (BAFC)

This course is designed to give the Fundamental knowledge of all departments(see department column above) for 12 weeks.This course is for beginners who want to learn 3d animation in  first track.

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Know how Can You Be a Succseful 3D Animation Artsist. Clear Your All Career Related Doubts and Quesions.